Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Exams, exams, exams..

Today marks the 9th day of the 2-week examination period for the first year of medicine and I'm darn exhausted. Except from the fact that it did helped me lose some lbs, I hate exams. Who wouldn't?? After the torturous series last week, I should be out in the mall looking for the next bargain or at home reading some really fun stuff except medical textbooks. But I'm sulked here on my chair with an 8-page Physiology trans on my lap, gathering strength to get this over with. I still haven't let go of Monday's Biochemistry horror. Yes, I might have redeemed myself on the long exams (6 for the whole year) but I'm not quite sure if I can fix this one dreaded finals. It's like trying to fit a 120G info on some 4G memory. Lately, I've been very religious. Calling on to God for guidance. Like now. God help us..
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