Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paramore Live in Manila

I have long been waiting for this! Paramore is coming to Manila!!! (At least its what the poster ad says)

Having seen this in a photo from which I was tagged by a college friend in Facebook, was like feeling the rush of blood in my brain. I was in a complete state of trance..

Alas! The untouchable soles of the American rock band (whom I earlier thought were Canadians until I Googled them up) will soon kiss the Philippine land.. (Ok, I'm gonna stop being melodramatic now)

But really, I am way too excited for this event that I couldn't think of anything to blog about. I can still hear their upbeat lyrics resounding clearly in my head. We used to sing their songs way back in college when I still had the time to hang out with my band friends. (er, bandmates?)

So first I did was to text Jhe, who was by the way a knock out fan of the band (from what I've heard) to relay him the good news. Then came the crowd.. Hmm.. who shall I bring? (I can't think of anyone that deserving yet as of now. haha!)

This is it. Right now, money isn't a biggie anymore. C'mon, this only happens like once in a life of a vain blogger! (LOL) And if you'd ask me, I'd definitely be in the Gold ticket lane. ^_^

Transforming Into Angelina?


I first saw her in Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen (2004) movie starring then good girl rising star Lindsay Lohan. I think she perfectly fits her role as the antagonist in the movie and even find her exotic looking and pretty back then.

But after her recent movie, Transformers (2007) and seeing her in award shows, red carpet events and interviews, there was no doubt she's changed a lot. Not just changed but I kind of notice her style had something very, very similar to a well-known talented Hollywood actress who is soooo not her.



These were pictures taken just a few years before the release of Transformers.

  • Prominent freckles
  • Blonde hair
  • Tanned skin
  • Thin lined lips
  • A small bump on the nose that was believed that she went under surgery to get it fixed (along with the lips to make it look plumper)
  • And did anyone noticed the weird fashion?

Way different than how she looks like NOW.

However, this transformation didn't quite end yet. And as a huge Angelina Jolie fan, I'm fairly irritated by the burlesque style Megan has been seen doing on the red carpet. Here are some of what I'm talking about.


*Okay so, it was of different color. But the slit and the shoes?? (puhleeez)
*Stop it Megan, you look scary!

*Photo in the right was taken way back when Angelina was still modeling.
And I wonder how did Jennifer's Body come up with the idea?
*This photo was said to be the before and after of the alleged nosejob.

*And a boob job too? Oh Megan, stop trying too hard!

When asked about the issue about people calling her the "new" Angelina Jolie, she brushes it off with:
I am my own person". (Own person my ass!)

Copy of ist2_10751218-rss-newsAnd to make herself even more of a carbon copy, Fox has cemented her non-conformist ways (remember Jolie pre-Brad) with outspoken interviews -- such as the one in Esquire's June issue -- saying, "I have no question in my mind about being bisexual."


My Verdict
I am sincerely disgusted by the way she's been acting; stepping up into someone else's shoe that is way too talented as Angelina.

If you're gonna be echoing big time at least have some decency of adding a bit of
YOU in the assumed persona (in her case, Angelina Jolie wanna-be), not just blabbering about 'how strong women should be' speech and exposing that inked freckled skin.

And you're wondering why a lot of girls hate you?? For the record, it's not only girls who hate you. It's the entire population of people intelligent enough to spot a struggling star who'll do everything for the price of fame.

So stop acting like girls hate you 'cause you're so damn gorgeous. Wake up hunny, it's because you're either so full of yourself or people just

P.S. No offense to Megan Fox's fans out there. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion . I'm just expressing mine. :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lines Not To Fall For: A List of Bullsh*t Cliches Boys Say

  • "Let's just be friends."
Verdict: Impossible if they broke your heart.
You: Why prolong the agony? Say you'll think about it, and call them, maybe, in a few years.

  • "I value our friendship too much to date you."
Verdict: Bastard.
Translation: They don't love you, never have, don't even find you attractive.
You: Move on. They'll prevent you from meeting THE ONE - and make you miserable in the
  • "I love you but I can't be with you."
Verdict: Coward.
You: Walk away; even if you paid for them to see a shrink, it is still an impossible and exhausting

  • "You'll always have a piece of my heart."
Verdict: True.
You: Save the violins, stamp on it. Let them regret losing you.

  • "It was the wrong time, wrong place."
Verdict: Poor excuse.
Translation: The ONLY 'it was wrong time / place' was in Casablanca, which does not apply here.

  • "I'm sorry. Can we try again?"
Verdict: Jerk.
Translation: How many times have you heard this before? Be honest. Once? Shame on them. Twice or more? Shame on you.

Some things are just not meant to be. Sometimes you grow apart, move on. You've tried, it didn't work, learn and leave. Try to find someone who will appreciate you. Don't kill each other's chances of happiness and waste years on something that will never happen.

Be honest. Be tough. Ask yourself: where do I see myself in ten years? What do i want to be achieved? What kind of person do I want to be with? What kind of person will encourage me to be kind if person I most want to be?

Anyway, you think you got problems, pick up Romeo and Juliet and their dire situation makes everything pale in comparison. Take comfort in the fact that falling in and out of love is never out of fashion.

Above all, believe in true love and know that men are like shoes. A couple is like a left and a right foot, and out there is your perfect fit. Sometimes you need to change styles and shop around to find it. Sometimes you have to break styles in, sometimes you feel like something that is stylish but uncomfortable, and sometimes a style - as much as you like it - just doesn't suit you and will never fit.

Source: How to Walk in High Heels

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to Know When to Wear a Heel

High heels are NOT just for evening wear. They work just as well with trousers, jeans, denim skirts, mini skirts, pajamas. You need to be adventurous.

Any aspiring Imelda Marcos needs to consider multiple locations and situations in order to ensure maximum and successful heel-wearing pleasure.

1. The weather. Suede, satins and pale colours are OUT if there is the slightest hint of rain. No rain protector is worth the risk of losing a key shoe.

2. Short arse. If you're escort is shorter than you in your highest heels dump him immediately. Pointless. A pair of Manolos lasts a lifetime, and you shouldn't compromise style for love.

3. Know your weaknesses. If cobblestones are your Achilles' heel - walk in the road. If 8 hours reduce you to tears call it a day before this point.

4. Don't drink unless you have someone in mind to carry you home. Alcohol and heel coordination is tricky. Bad combination.

5. Always give feet a day off. Tired feet may stop functioning altogether, and leave you unable to move. The only people who can stand on heels all day, everyday are mannequins, and they are plastic and have screw-off feet.

* Source: How to Walk in High Heels

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shopping Overload!

I just got back from SM North EDSA Mall with my good gay friend, Marky (LOL) after we went shopping for God knows what. I didn't actually brought a list of my 'Things To Buy' maybe that's why I ended up splurging on not-so-important things :(

* The Body Shop, The Face Shop, Elianto, The Soap Factory...

This will be my 2nd pay check (yay!). And right now, I just spent more than Php 5000 on cosmetics alone!
Will have to post them right away! *wink*

Thursday, November 12, 2009

5 Things I Love About Koreans ^_^


I don't care - e - e - e - e - er, boy I don't care"

That was a line from a growing popular hit, I Don't Care by the Korean girl group called 2ne1.
Besides from the catchy tunes, unique fashion and a member from the Philippines (Sandara Park), there's more to this group which allures Filipinos' attention.

We, Filipinos are naturally born responsive to other country's culture may it be Western, European or even Asian like ourselves. But apart from all the other races that I know, I would have to say that I envy Koreans the most. They have this playful, cute image more of a cartoony character. ^_^

To sum it all up, Here's a list of things I admire in everything Korean.

* 2ne1 invasion.

1. Their uber unique fashion sense. (I'm sure this would definitely make Lady Gaga jealous enough) Who could get away with a long sleeved blouse, a mini fluffy skirt with matching bright colored leotards and a pair of booties? It may make you think twice of going out to the mall and be the center of everyone, but unlike Koreans they seem to make it look natural.

* Picture courtesy of K-popped.

2. Their painstaking beauty rituals. (Actually, I should really have a separate post for this coz it's too detailed!) Their beauty regimen mainly consists of a 5-step process:
  • Double cleansing
  • Massage & mask
  • Tone
  • Essence
  • Moisturize

*Kim Tae Hee (Stairway to heaven) mobile phone ad.

3. Their impeccable smooth, radiant skin. Gotta be super duper envious of this one. As we all know, Filipinos rave that rosy white glow. In their case, its really a no-effort beauty fetish having been blessed with the right genes, type of diet and proper skin care routine.

* Kim Ah Joong of 200 Lbs. Beauty.

4. Their oh-so adorable facial features. Oh, those small chinky eyes! I love how it's curved slightly upwards the end of the lids. Although not all Koreans have this nice big chinky eyes, others opt to have plastic surgeries (but that's another post). I still find the little coin hole shaped eyes cute enough.


5. Their one of a kind spicy delicacies. I really love sushi (Korean sushi, that is). I started making 3 years ago way back college. Its this roll of rice, dried seaweeds, mangoes and sometimes tuna sliced in a way that it looks like a bite size pizza of colors. Though I haven't tried kimchi yet. Its this hot and spicy red thing (haha!). I would sure want to have a taste of that.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wanted: Blog Designer

I'm currently looking for a blog layout designer. I'm thinking of having my own blog redesigned. Please do contact me asap. You can email me at


Nokia E71 Series

I'm gonna get a new phone this Friday! wuhoo! :D

Finally, after I received my check, will go out with my cousin for a dose of weekly shopping.Included in my list is this phone. I know its a bit out dated since it was released way back some time, but it's really a good buy for a phone considering the features.

This one is a super dupe of the Blackberry but with a little added flavor. Well for one, it's sleeker, it has this super chic design and the color is to die for! :) Plus, it can surf the web, send texts and calls of course and did I mention its super chic design?

It would be perfect for someone who's lifestyle includes a lot of cam whoring (haha!), web browsing, and someone who wants to keep up a well managed business online.

I'll be buying the one in grey steel. Can't wait!! I'm super excited.

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