Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to Know When to Wear a Heel

High heels are NOT just for evening wear. They work just as well with trousers, jeans, denim skirts, mini skirts, pajamas. You need to be adventurous.

Any aspiring Imelda Marcos needs to consider multiple locations and situations in order to ensure maximum and successful heel-wearing pleasure.

1. The weather. Suede, satins and pale colours are OUT if there is the slightest hint of rain. No rain protector is worth the risk of losing a key shoe.

2. Short arse. If you're escort is shorter than you in your highest heels dump him immediately. Pointless. A pair of Manolos lasts a lifetime, and you shouldn't compromise style for love.

3. Know your weaknesses. If cobblestones are your Achilles' heel - walk in the road. If 8 hours reduce you to tears call it a day before this point.

4. Don't drink unless you have someone in mind to carry you home. Alcohol and heel coordination is tricky. Bad combination.

5. Always give feet a day off. Tired feet may stop functioning altogether, and leave you unable to move. The only people who can stand on heels all day, everyday are mannequins, and they are plastic and have screw-off feet.

* Source: How to Walk in High Heels


  1. cool pointers! i've been unconsciously following them and i don't even know it :)

  2. Haha! Love this article. I used to love heels, but I ditched them already because I figured out that I can't wear them here in mountainous Baguio. But who knows, I might buy one again. Hehe.

  3. LOL! very nice article.. i want to buy the book now!


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