Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nokia E71 Series

I'm gonna get a new phone this Friday! wuhoo! :D

Finally, after I received my check, will go out with my cousin for a dose of weekly shopping.Included in my list is this phone. I know its a bit out dated since it was released way back some time, but it's really a good buy for a phone considering the features.

This one is a super dupe of the Blackberry but with a little added flavor. Well for one, it's sleeker, it has this super chic design and the color is to die for! :) Plus, it can surf the web, send texts and calls of course and did I mention its super chic design?

It would be perfect for someone who's lifestyle includes a lot of cam whoring (haha!), web browsing, and someone who wants to keep up a well managed business online.

I'll be buying the one in grey steel. Can't wait!! I'm super excited.


  1. one of my best friends has this phone. he loves it! good luck on your purchase!

  2. wow sis I also want to own this too bad no budget yet but good luck on your purchase make a review ah! :)

  3. I just found at that this phone which I have been longing to have, isn't that good of a deal.

    My friend whom I met last night for dinner, said that it hasn't got that much good features except for SMS sending and web browsing.

    Hmm.. it got me contemplating (LOL)



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