Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paramore Live in Manila

I have long been waiting for this! Paramore is coming to Manila!!! (At least its what the poster ad says)

Having seen this in a photo from which I was tagged by a college friend in Facebook, was like feeling the rush of blood in my brain. I was in a complete state of trance..

Alas! The untouchable soles of the American rock band (whom I earlier thought were Canadians until I Googled them up) will soon kiss the Philippine land.. (Ok, I'm gonna stop being melodramatic now)

But really, I am way too excited for this event that I couldn't think of anything to blog about. I can still hear their upbeat lyrics resounding clearly in my head. We used to sing their songs way back in college when I still had the time to hang out with my band friends. (er, bandmates?)

So first I did was to text Jhe, who was by the way a knock out fan of the band (from what I've heard) to relay him the good news. Then came the crowd.. Hmm.. who shall I bring? (I can't think of anyone that deserving yet as of now. haha!)

This is it. Right now, money isn't a biggie anymore. C'mon, this only happens like once in a life of a vain blogger! (LOL) And if you'd ask me, I'd definitely be in the Gold ticket lane. ^_^

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you're gonna buy a gold ticket! I hope I did too with Katy Perry's concert.


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