Thursday, November 12, 2009

5 Things I Love About Koreans ^_^


I don't care - e - e - e - e - er, boy I don't care"

That was a line from a growing popular hit, I Don't Care by the Korean girl group called 2ne1.
Besides from the catchy tunes, unique fashion and a member from the Philippines (Sandara Park), there's more to this group which allures Filipinos' attention.

We, Filipinos are naturally born responsive to other country's culture may it be Western, European or even Asian like ourselves. But apart from all the other races that I know, I would have to say that I envy Koreans the most. They have this playful, cute image more of a cartoony character. ^_^

To sum it all up, Here's a list of things I admire in everything Korean.

* 2ne1 invasion.

1. Their uber unique fashion sense. (I'm sure this would definitely make Lady Gaga jealous enough) Who could get away with a long sleeved blouse, a mini fluffy skirt with matching bright colored leotards and a pair of booties? It may make you think twice of going out to the mall and be the center of everyone, but unlike Koreans they seem to make it look natural.

* Picture courtesy of K-popped.

2. Their painstaking beauty rituals. (Actually, I should really have a separate post for this coz it's too detailed!) Their beauty regimen mainly consists of a 5-step process:
  • Double cleansing
  • Massage & mask
  • Tone
  • Essence
  • Moisturize

*Kim Tae Hee (Stairway to heaven) mobile phone ad.

3. Their impeccable smooth, radiant skin. Gotta be super duper envious of this one. As we all know, Filipinos rave that rosy white glow. In their case, its really a no-effort beauty fetish having been blessed with the right genes, type of diet and proper skin care routine.

* Kim Ah Joong of 200 Lbs. Beauty.

4. Their oh-so adorable facial features. Oh, those small chinky eyes! I love how it's curved slightly upwards the end of the lids. Although not all Koreans have this nice big chinky eyes, others opt to have plastic surgeries (but that's another post). I still find the little coin hole shaped eyes cute enough.


5. Their one of a kind spicy delicacies. I really love sushi (Korean sushi, that is). I started making 3 years ago way back college. Its this roll of rice, dried seaweeds, mangoes and sometimes tuna sliced in a way that it looks like a bite size pizza of colors. Though I haven't tried kimchi yet. Its this hot and spicy red thing (haha!). I would sure want to have a taste of that.


  1. It was their sense of fashion that caught my attention first. It's so kawaii! :D Not to mention that I love dining at a Korean restaurant. I also love their telenovelas. Hehe.

  2. I'm sorry but sushi is actually from Japan not Korea. Besides kimchi,other popular korean dishes are the bibimbap and bulgogi.

  3. @ Anonymous: Hi thanks for your comment :) But I am referring to the Korean sushi which is the 'Kimbap'. Yup the Sushi is originally from Japan but I like the ones they made in Korea more.

    So far, Sushi and Kimchi are my most loved Korean dishes. ^_^


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