Friday, January 08, 2010

Watch Out Ladies, Here Comes Glamourosity!

Glamourosity Manila
has been in the online business since July 2008 offering a wide variety of fashionable items even before it hits the market. It has then been running for about more than a year featuring hip and fresh items from tops, vests, skirts, shorties to gladiators, pumps, wedges, sandals and the like. And this time as 2010 enters, it's back with a new vengeance - platforms!

Yes, the online shop that can double as your runway coach is back in the business. After 6 moths of taking a break, Glamourosity Manila is again gettin' a fresh start making the world of fashion and style accessible to everyone who wants chic couture in a friendly budget.

And to give you a teaser on what the 2010 first batch of shoes will be like, feast your eyes on these:


Amanda - P 1100 (Introductory Price)


Jessica - P1100

Victoria - P995 (Introductory Price)

How to get hold of these babies?

Glamourosity Shop's website is under construction as of the moment. You can contact me for your reservations and inquiries.

Website address and other details will be posted this February.

*More updates coming soon!


  1. i hope i don't sound like a stalker, lol, i want to say you are pretty! i wish i have your flawless complexion, oh when will acne stop visiting me? *waves* from Singapore. :)

  2. @ cacaopack: ^_^ for an avid reader of your blog, I sure am flattered to take that as a compliment. I would blame it all on the genes I guess.
    By the way, what products have you tried easing the break outs? Maybe I could recommend something you should try :)

    P.S. And no hunny, you don't sound like a stalker.
    *hugs* from the Philippines! :)


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