Friday, December 25, 2009

The Body Shop: 02 Eye & Cheek Palette + Day & Night Vitamin E Cream

After renewing my TBS Love Your Body Point Card, I decided to buy my very first eyeshadow (and cheek) palette since it was on a special sale that time. Yay me! ^_^ By the way it cost me Php 100 for the renewal and it will be valid for just a year.

I got the palette for about Php 975 instead of the regular price of Php 1200 or something (LOL, sorry I can't really remember how much it was exactly). Plus, a small sized jar of their Day & Night Vitamin E Cream as a freebie.

I'm not really a big eyeshadow fan. I'd rather stick to basic one-shaded earth tone everytime I go out. But just for a change, I wanna explore colors more so I thought of starting to buy a wider range of colors.

First off, The Body Shop's No. 02 Eye & Cheek Palette.

It has this felt fabric casing with a mirror on the cover flap and the palette and an applicator in the opposite side with a magnetic lock. I honestly think the felt cover can make it a little hard to clean up after usage.

I chose the earth toned shades (as always) which I think looks flattering on my tone since I'm a bit yellowish fair and it's pretty easy to blend and achieve that big eyes look.

The palette consists of the following:

1. Cheek Blush
2. Caramel Shimmer
3. Pink Shimmer
4. Plum Shimmer
5. Chocolate Shimmer

Yup, you guessed it. I'm a huge fan of shimmers! Haha :) It makes me feel like a goddess! ^_^

The applicator that came with it has two sides:

1. For creasing
2. For blending

The Vitamin E cream that they gave me for free was of good use too. I use it every other night as my moisturizer (it can also be a good base for make-up). I don't really use the Day cream because I tend to get oily during mid sunlight so my mom ends up using it.

Love their packaging by the way.

My Verdict:

I never got the chance to use the palette yet but I do strongly advice to use an eye primer just to make sure it stays on for a longer period of time as all shimmery shades can wear off faster than solid / neutrals.

The cheek blush also did a good job (pertaining to the shade). It gives that subtle blush tone without making it look too made-up. As for the staying power, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. It definitely stays on longer than Mary Kay's does.

The casing (once again) is a felt one so it can give you a hard time to clean. Maybe a damp cloth will do the trick.

Will I buy this product again?

Sure, if there were other palettes to choose from. Unfortunately, there were only 2 kinds of this and the 01 shades were too dark for me (more on the lavender - dark gray) so I'd rather not.

Visit The Body Shop for more details.

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