Saturday, December 12, 2009

#2 Xmas Wishlist : Guess Autographed Women's Silver Watch

Isn't this a piece to die for?

Just by the sight of it makes me feel like a million bucks (LOL). I like simple accessorizing and I'm not really fond of classic looking watches (I'm more of the leather-strapped watch type). But when I saw this online, I started drooling (again). XD

Bangle watch
: 10,400 PHP (approximately)

In a shiny, silver tone, with a mirrored silver coloured dial and the Guess logo in shimmering crystals vertically across the face, this bracelet watch will add a touch of sparkle to your wrist. The stainless steel bracelet strap has adjustable links. Water resistant to 20m.

Oh well, I don't think its practical for me to buy a piece of silver worth that big. Even if I do have the money, I think there'll be alot more things I could stash instead of buying this. But then again, a girl can dream right? (In my case, drool) ^_^

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