Saturday, December 12, 2009

Update: 2 Weeks Hiatus

Hello :) To all my readers (not that I have so many LOL), I will be taking a 2-week hiatus. Just got a bad news from my doctor yesterday so I'd be having a surgery this coming week. :(

Darn, I really hate surgical operations or anything involving opening me up and creating a scar afterwards (they don't call me Vain Jane for nothin). Plus, the things they expose during prepping for the surgery! (I should know, I'm a nurse!) I never did see myself on the OR table.

Well, goodluck to me then. I hope everything turns out well and that I'm not a keloid former. ^_^

You can still contact me @ or just click on Contact Me and I'll be replying via Mobile web.


  1. first time on your blog, but sorry to hear that you have to go into surgery! I hope you'll be fine!

    loving your super cute blog layout!


  2. Hello dear, I hope everything is okay and hope to hear from you again. I've added you ^^

    Thanks for your entry. May I ask what you mean by "blog sister"? :) *don't understand*
    But here is my e-Mail:

  3. Good luck on your surgery! I hope all goes well :)


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