Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Gaga Over Organic

Its a craze everyone has been raving about. Who knew that organic stuff like well, fruits can also be very good when applied to the skin? How cool is that? At first, I started off by searching organic products in the market. However, after a month of toiling about them, I realized how can I be sure that its really organic and none of its content is chemically processed? Like the scent and most likely the effect that it claims on the label.
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And so as catty-curious as I am, I went off to buy me some fresh oats, some honey and milk. Well, you get the picture. I won't be listing all the ingredients here of course ^_^

The first trial was a gooey substance I swear I wouldn't put on my face even if my life depended on it. It was a fail. Although, it really smelled good and sweet.
So I made another one, and this time was better than what I did before. It now looked more like a soap :D

Practice makes perfect.

And voila!!!

Oatmeal w/ Honey and Chocolate Soap

Oatmeal w/ Milk and Shea Butter

Whats so good about these is that I know that it truly is all natural. I've been using the Oatmeal with Milk and Shea Butter for three weeks now and I noticed my skin gets soft and smooth after taking a bath. I really love the smell. Plus, it has these chunks of oats which kind of scrubs against my skin when I lather it during bath. It's like a body scrub and moisturizer in one. ^_^

Right now, I'm using the Oatmeal w/ Honey and Chocolate Soap. Will post again for my feedbacks.

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What do you think about organic stuff?

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