Monday, October 04, 2010

Reviews: Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

Want supple and glowing skin? Do it the Japanese way!

Introducing the Meiji Amino Collagen Powder from Japan. It promises a more supple, brighter and younger looking skin providing more collagen and elastin build up on our skin.

I heard about this supplement in a Japanese site I came across back some lazy old times in front of the computer. Its popularly used and the no. 1 bestseller in Japan, Hongkong and I think Singapore too!
Hmm, maybe thats why they have really great, smooth, young-looking skin..

I even read a mid-aged woman claiming it made her look like in the late 30's after taking it for almost 2 years (thats 24 cans!). I also heard that it lessens oiliness, stubborn pimples and makes skin glow. Others also claim it made their whitening regimen much better since it gives them that dewy-supple look combining with the pinkish glow thanks to glutathione ;)

Dang! Its even featured in Oprah!

After hearing great feedbacks about it and since I'm such a sucker for skin care treatments/supplement/regimen and God knows what, I just have to try it!

So I grabbed one for myself! ^_^

IMG_4092 IMG_4096
It has a plastic safety seal so you'll know its never been tampered and a tin lid so you'll know its fresh.

Open the lid.

Yumm, smells like milk ^_^

So, how to prepare?? Simple!
Just take 1 scoop (1 can comes with a scooper)
and then mix with your favorite drink, hot or cold.

Mix well and enjoy the fruits of being healthy and beautiful!

My Verdict MY VERDICT:

Its actually very good! I'm really happy I included this to my morning regimen. It doesnt only helps me have great skin it also keeps me from being too lazy to get out of bed. (haha!)
I would just be excited every morning to wake up and have the thought of drinking this.
The taste is kinda of milky with a tang but very bearable I suppose.
Its not what others say that it has some kind of a fishy after taste. In fact, I really got addicted to the taste that sometimes, I just take small amounts in between directly from the scoop! (Talk about guilty pleasures)

I'm taking this for almost a month now and it as early as 3 week, I began noticing its effects. My face isn't that oily anymore thinking that 3 weeks ago, I was a human oil mine. I also started noticing a slightly plumper behind (blush) and I'm sure its from the collagen powder since I've been watching what I eat.

Will I continue using this?
Hell yeah! ^_^ I'm planning to keep this in my regimen for years I hope. Oh and I also wanna try the Premium. I'll be posting another review of that very soon.

Is it worth the price?
Around $36-37 wont hurt. Its definitely worth it.

Wanna grab your own Meiji Amino Collagen Powder
Visit: now!

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