Monday, September 07, 2009

Skin Food White Grape Fresh Light Pact

This was my first buy from Skin Food :) I really need a pact that time when my Mom and I came across a SF Boutique at the mall.

It is really pricey for a compact powder (like Php 1,400+) so I was really skeptical back then. But after 2 months of use, I super loved its effect! :)

Here's the review:

  • Coverage: It is really sheer when applied. It's very light and doesn't look made up. What I like about this pact is that it doesn't have a white cast on camera (especially w/ a flash)
  • Effect: It leaves a matte finish on the face. A perfect canvass for colors (blush, highlight, eye shadow, etc.)
  • Shades: Its a bit limited coz it only has 3 shades I think. And with the shade that I bought which is NB23, it's still light for the typical complexion of a Filipina.
  • Scent: Lemony citrus.

Over All: 4.5 out of 5

It's a good buy for a pact. Money is definitely worth it :) This is perfect for everyday use. Very light and sheer.
I love this product!!!


  1. I just bought this today :) It's so smooth, comparable to Shiseido even :) Hopefully this will be an HG item for me!

  2. hi Vain Jane! bought this one for my mom and sisters.. did you know that this one is impact-safe too? i read somewhere about a celebrity dropping this pact only to find it still intact. and demonstrated it live on a TV show. well for the purpose of seeing it for myself, i tried eliberately dropping the pact i was using and yes, the case and the powder didn't break at all.

  3. @ Kaye: Yes its really smooth! :) That's what I first noticed with this pact. Then later I found out that its actually airblown powder minute enough to render the smoothest finish :)

    Plus its 100% organic. It's my HG too! ^_^

  4. @ jehan: Actually, I didn't know that. Until I dropped it when we went to this carnival (haha!)
    I was really worried when I picked it up. I was expecting it to be broken into chunks of powder.
    Luckily its still in its perfect condition.

    I think the way it was packaged had something to do with that. ^_^


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