Saturday, September 12, 2009

Skin Food fresh Juice C Serum (Whitening Care)

I remember buying this instead of my 2nd White Grape Fresh Pact since they don't have a stock w/ my shade which is NB23.

Here's the review:

  • Coverage: I found it slightly sticky after applying. After a while, it dries on the face and settles a transparent film.
  • Effect: I noticed my pimple marks lightened after 4-5 consecutive nights of application.
  • Scent: Lemony citrus

Over All: 3 out of 5

Not bad for a whitening serum. I just hope it gives a more refreshed look and whitening effect after long consecutive days of application (which I haven't done since I get lazy sometimes).
Works well for spot whitening like pimple marks, blemishes, etc.


  1. i always get samples of this serum whenever i buy skin food products (for my sisters) but i never tried them coz skin food breaks me out. it's good to know their products work well for you and most friends i've given samples...

  2. hello dear, can you please give me an update on how this works? I am thinking of getting this!

  3. Interesting review. I am thinking about getting this. Do you have any updated result?


  4. Have you tried the cream instead of the ampoule? I've been looking at this whole skincare collection but now I know I won't get the ampoule...lets see how well the cream works.

  5. Hi Diane,
    You should really try this product. When I bought this, I thought it would just be another so-so item from the brand but I was surprised it works! ^_^ It got rid of the dark areas under my eyes too!

  6. Hi Angela,
    As of now, I havent got the chance to buy a second bottle of this one. My first one is a bit clumpy and I'm afraid that it might have expired so I'm really doubtful to put in on my face. But as soon as I have the budget again, I sure will purchase another bottle :)

    *Still have to settle my bills and other beauty regimen stuff..

  7. Hello ava1986,

    No, I haven't tried the cream version. Actually, it was the same dilemma I had when I got this item. So I asked the sales attendant if I should first get the cream, toner, etc. She told me that the most important item from their lines should be the ones like the essences and serums since it has a texture that can easily be absorbed by the skin.

    The cream types are okay to get after you have the key elements (serum, essences, emulsion).
    Works for me :) It really did its job well.


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