Friday, June 17, 2011

Freshmeat Orientation


When you get into a new place, you tend to adapt/adjust and try to "blend" in with your environment. Moreover going to a new school, with new people, new curriculum (note: hardcore curriculum) and doing it with lesser sleep and more fatty build up.

Yes you read that right. F-A-T. As in thicker, richer and fluffier adipose tissues :)

Going into med school requires and sets you to change and accept a new kind of lifestyle. That is, weekdays would mean studying at least 3-4 hours a day (in your own time) and weekends would be spent preparing for the weekdays. Although, note that Fridays should be allotted for rest / chill / past time / party (if you still have the energy for it).

Statements shown above are just mere opinions I came up with in these early weeks of my freshman year. It may or may not change by the time I reach the 2nd year or thankfully graduate.

Yet it is very important that you chip in some time to exercise, go malling with friends, watch movies or just have something to do that has nothing in relation with medicine or studying. Because good guys need a break.

And in order to survive in this tough med world, you have to learn how to fight hard despite all the gruesome wars. Fight = study. War = exams. Of course studying and actually learning, wouldn't be a bit easier if you don't have efficient resources and facilities.


This was taken at the Nursing Auditorium of UERM @ Physiology Orientation.

They had it built by the same contractor who did MOA's iMax theater. This room caters 400 students of our batch, is fully air conditioned, sound proof, and has chairs with built in arm tables cascading upwards for better visualization of the lecturer's presentation.

hmm... very conducive indeed.
(for sleeping?)

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