Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank God Its a Holiday

Enough about skin care and salon / spa reviews. Tonight, I'm gonna blog about my things-to-do list. OK, I'm joking.

This day, I told myself I am going to spend at least 5-6 hours reading about The Cell from my Histology class. It's not really an advance reading, more like what-was-the-professor-talking-about kind of reading. I managed to finish half of Chapter 2 and that's because I started in that chapter.

Apart from this day's major assignment, the new sofa set got delivered this afternoon. It was a custom made L-shaped mahogany couch with a sandy upholstery (picture to follow). We had it done along with the center table, TV stand and curtains (I promise, I'm gonna do a separate post on this one).

So it's 10.15PM on my clock, and instead of skimming for tomorrow's Cell and Transport for my Physiology class (God help me), I am here blogging and watching Julie/Julia movie on HBO. It's a movie about cooking, blogging and being your own person. You guys should watch it. If I come to think of it, it might actually be the reason why I even blogged today.

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